Computer Lab

Using a computer in an early elementary school classroom offers students the opportunity to control the pace of an activity and to repeat an activity again and again.  Computers provide students an interactive experience that develops curiosity and independent thinking and problem-solving skills.

Saint Raphael the Archangel believes in a technology-rich learning environment.  Our Kindergarten and First Grade classrooms share the use of iPads.  Grades 1-8 use Google Chromebooks throughout the school day and in a variety of subjects.  Thanks to the many generous parents and parishioners who helped to fund this initiative, we now have over 110 Google Chrome books and each year we add to that number.  Each student is assigned their own Google account and can access all their projects at home as well as throughout the school day.  Teachers can edit their work directly on their Google Drive and students can share their work with classmates when working on a project together.  

When it comes to using a computer in an early elementary school classroom, teachers should focus on the basics.  Students need to learn how to use a keyboard, mouse and headphones.  Approach these topics with a teacher-led class presentation and after children have mastered the basics, they can practice on the real thing.